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Data Conversion, Data Format and Data Entry Services in Pakistan

In this competitive world, data processing and storage of data in multiple formats is of great essence to every business. It makes the accessibility of data whenever it is

needed. Sometimes it becomes headaches. Data conversion services used to avoid such circumstances.Data conversion services are necessary to work your business

effectively. Data conversion play leading role to transfer data into different data formats. A conversion service allows systematizing company data by putting simpler

format which can be used across many various platforms.Data conversion services include in data entry services. Data Entry company provides data conversion services

by using rich pool human resources and latest technology like high speed scanners , data processor to convert one data format into another data formats.

Nowadays, most of the organizations are using online services to avoid paper work. It is very difficult to handle large amount of data for large company with complex

system requirements and multiple data formats.However, by using modern technology and highly skills professional staff, your unstructured data, no matter how

voluminous it is, can be converted into series of digital formats on time, that too cost effectively.

Conversion services not only save or convert data but it also save time and money of the company. Data Entry Process converts data into PDF formats, JPG formats, word

processor, power point, and all type of documents formats, and paper into HTML, XML, SGML and also structured formats.Data formats deliver output through FTP,

VPN. For privacy and security purpose, we make use of the encryption techniques. Our Data entry professional have expertise to key in alphanumeric characters in a

wide range of data format with high accuracy and speed. have established with a view to elaborate outsourcing services. Specialized to Design, Format and Present all un-structured data into

structured data. By exceeding Seven years experience in the field of various BPO Services like Data Conversion, Data Entry, Data Validation, Data Mining, Data Coding,

Data Keying, PDF Capturing, e-Publishing, Software Development, Image Processing, Image Scanning, XML Conversion, HTML Conversion, Knowledge Process

Outsourcing, Heritage Documentation, Form Processing, Microfilm/Microfiche Scanning, and Typesetting etc.

100% accuracy , quality supremacy and prompt submission of any complicated data assigned to us has paved our way to success. We are in forefront in satisfying our

clients by rendering them cost effective and technically superior service. Extensively trained and experienced professionals knowledge to convert paper records and

scanned file formats into customized digital data ready to use or to integrate in to any existing systems and applications. No matter how irregular data we get, we just give

the result that data provides required. Offer a wide range of back office and I.T Enabled Services. Which match the high global standards in terms of efficiency and accuracy,

offers innovative and effective outsourcing solutions for clients around the world. We deliver higher quality, increased productivity, and lower costs. The services are

from Scanning Book, Documents, Papers, Microfilm Microfiche Scanning, OCR Data Conversion, Manual Data Entry, XML/SGML/HTML Conversion, Litigation

Coding, Data Mining, Type Setting, Form Processig etc.

DataEntrypak believe in rendering professional quality services which are at the leading edge of price and performance. Ensure our clients are satisfied and revert back to

us for their future needs. Take initiative and plan activities with the ultimate goal of long term satisfaction.

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Saving Money on Documentation

Today, most companies are reducing their workforce and reviewing their operation costs to determine ways to help their bottom line. Document storage and retrieval could certainly be a legitimate area for a company to reduce their costs. However reducing costs at the expense of system integrity could spell business and financial disaster.

Many companies have critical data that needs to be kept, and must have access to them. Companies are doing document storage to either reduce business risks or to maintain regulatory compliance. There are a number of options that companies have to meet their document storage and retrieval needs.

Internal vs. Outsourcing

While many organizations store and control documents internally, there could be some compelling reasons for outsourcing. One should consider the following factors:

* Space: As companies reduce and merge facilities, space becomes a premium. Manufacturing, offices, conference room, product inventory all require space. Document storage should probably be one of the first options considered for outsourcing when space is an issue and may be one of least costly option to consider.
* Security: The needed security depends on the type of information being stored. Internal systems may be more lax than desired. Most companies are not in the security business, so business records are very vulnerable to sabotage or compromise. On the other hand, many document storage companies have state-of-the-art security systems that can comply with all the applicable regulations. These systems can be very expensive for a business to duplicate for there own documentation storage purposes.
* Disaster Protection/Recover: Of all the assets that businesses need to sustain operations, their critical data may be the most difficult to recover and have the biggest consequences if lost. One needs to examine how protected their internal document storage system from fire or other natural or man-made disasters. Many reliable document storage companies have made significant investments to protect their facility from these catastrophic occurrences.
* Retrieval: It does not do any good to store a document securely, if one could not retrieve it when needed. Manual systems can be very slow and costly, where as a good document storage company uses the latest technologies in marking, organizing and tracking. Bar coding and RFID technology are used to the fullest extent to ensure rapid and reliable retrieval. It would not be cost effective for most businesses to invest in this technology for controlling and retrieving their documentation.

Paper vs. Electronic

There are many inherent advantages to electronic storage over paper; however the cost of converting to electronic can be prohibitive. Even with scanning and coding costs as low as a few cents per document, companies that have millions of documents can face a significant cost for such a project. The cost to store paper documents off site is highly dependent on level of service and volume of documentation. A rough estimate for cost ranges from $.75.00 to $2.00 per box per month. The cost of electronic storage is a fraction of that, but cost of conversion could range from $.01 to $.05 per document depending on level of indexing and type of documentation.

Scanning to images or to PDF formats are the two most common methods of converting paper documents to electronic data. Paper documents, microfilm, microfiche and aperture cards are the more common formats that are scanned to electronic data today.

Electronic documents are cheaper to store, require no physical space and are usually more efficient for retrieval. No large warehouses are required and storage and recovery is very fast. Still, even with these inherent advantages, businesses may still need to seek the aid of third party services to help effectively manage electronic documentation.

Security: The headline in reads "Report: Cybercrime is winning the Battle over Cyberlaw." The summary of the posting was that cybercrime prevention systems are not keeping up with the perpetrators. This is particularly true for the millions of desktops connected to the internet. We are virtually bombarded with viruses, malwares, phishing, hacking and other malicious attacks that could corrupt, damage or compromise data that are directly stored on our computers and even indirectly for entities that these computers are connected to. One report notes that most detection software that is commercially available today is inadequate to protect computers from the latest malware. The bottom line is that inadequate electronic data security could spell disaster. Many electronic data storage companies have the latest and most impenetrable security systems including encryption and intrusion detection. Companies that rely on there own internal technology and systems to secure their electronic data may be taking unwarranted risks. When your electronic data is critical, you should consider outside services to store and protect your electronic data.

Disaster Recover: Often times putting your documents in electronic format can create a false sense of security. Hard drives crash, resulting in potentially lost data. Reliable electronic data back up systems are needed for critical data. Many businesses have a simple manual backup system to a cd or dvd with on site storage. These systems are usually not safe from fire and employees may not follow the most rigorous standards in backing systems up. The worst time to find out if your back up system is inadequate is when you need it. Outsourcing your data back up can actually be more cost effective and certainly more reliable.

In today's economic crisis, companies may be tempted to reduce costs by skimping on document storage and retrieval systems. This tactic could result in unacceptable business risks as well as actually increasing overall costs. Proper planning and assessment not only could keep your risks at an acceptable level, but reduce both short term and long term costs.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Essential Services- Data Conversion Services

Data conversion has the strong role to play and have unique position in the strong online representation of the organization. The conversion of one form of computer data into another is known as data conversion. Data conversion is usually for the purposes of interoperability. Data conversion is also useful for the conversion of images and audio formats. Conversion of data is complex operation which needs high accuracy.

Data conversion is useful to all business organizations because their data and information in the documents are converted in digital form for long term storage - for the purpose of archiving, searching to facilitate access and exchange. Conversion services not only save or convert data, but also save time and money of the company. The input data converted to PDF, jpg, word processing, Power Point, and all types of document formats, paper and HTML, XML, SGML and structured formats.

In spite of the areas - education, health, legal, research or other - the conversion of data play a crucial role in building and maintaining the registry, directories and databases. With this service, companies can convert their files and data from one format to another or in other media.

The following are the important services of data conversion:

• Document scanning and conversion • File format conversion • XML conversion • SGML conversion • CAD conversion • OCR clean up, ICR, OMR • Image Conversion • Book conversion • HTML conversion • PDF conversion • Extracting data from catalog • Catalog conversion • Indexing

Conversion of data from experts provides services for converting paper, microfilm, window cards, and drawings on a larger scale, through the digitization, indexing, OCR, quality control and export of archives and books in electronic form or image of the final solution.

Some of its key benefits are:

• Avoids paper work • Cuts down operating expenses and excessive staffing • Helps to rely on core business activities • Promotes business as effectively as possible • Systemizes company's data in simpler format • Eliminates data redundancy • Easy accessibility of data at any time

Conversion of business data will be a best solution, which benefits in the implementation of the intention of meeting the needs of all customers. 

Document Scanning: How It Makes Your Business Better

A document scanning service does away with all the expense, inefficiency, clutter, and costly waste associated with paper files. By scanning your paper documents and converting them into electronic files that are centrally stored in a secure web-repository, all your business-critical files are easily accessible from any computer at any time. No more time spent searching for key documents. No more misplaced or lost files. No more photocopying. No more faxing. No more time-consuming filing and no more file cabinets! That all adds up to a big plus in your efficiency - and your profitability.

Document scanning, also known as digital imaging, is the cornerstone and first step in a paperless office system. It is surprisingly affordable, requires no capital outlay, and can be implemented without any disruption to your day-to-day business operation.

In-house or Outsourced Document Scanning Services

A full-service document scanning company will usually offer several options for converting your paper files to digital ones:

• They pick up your paper documents on a regular basis - weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly - and scan documents at their facility.

• If your files must stay on your premises for legal, security, or regulatory reasons, they can set you up you with equipment and software so you do the document scanning yourself.

• They provide their own personnel to complete the document scanning on your premises for you.

Whichever option suits your purposes best, there is no need to hire special IT personnel, no capital investment necessary, and you will enjoy the benefits of an efficient paperless operation immediately! And your employees can stay focused on performing their core competencies.

Document scanning is applicable for every type of file pertaining to any department in your business or organization. It will streamline processes in your billing, human resources, and record-keeping departments, as well as in all your core business areas.

Document Scanning Provides:

• The accuracy of expertly captured digital images.--whether they're written documents, color-critical images, photographs, or engineering or architectural drawings.

• The processing speed to meet tight deadlines and increased volumes--eliminating paper bottle-necks, or the need to hire additional personnel for labor-intensive tasks.

• The technology to track documents accurately--scanned documents can be integrated into your existing operating system and line-of-business software, providing enhanced functionality to your business applications.

• The flexibility to capture digital images from a wide range of formats, including oversized documents, microfilm, microfiche and aperture cards.

Today's challenging economic times call for whittling down unnecessary costs, using personnel resources wisely, and looking for affordable innovative ways to operate more efficiently. Document scanning services are a low-cost strategy for meeting all those objectives. Companies of all sizes, across all industries, are using paperless systems to streamline their business processes, and in doing so are containing costs, improving their customer service, and increasing their profitability. You can call it the silver lining in the storm clouds of a hostile economic climate, or necessity being the mother of invention, but it is undoubtedly an idea whose time has come. Document scanning makes your business more profitable and more efficient.

For more information contact Mitch Taube at or call 800-686-7577.